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Affordable Championship Golf


Broken Arrow Golf & Athletic Club delivers a fantastic golfing experience due to its clever design by Lyndy Lindsey. Generous fairways reward conservatism, while a winding creek prosecutes the daring. Our golfers breathe a sigh of relief on large bent grass greens developed with consistency and beauty through the Par 72 Championship course.


Since opening in July 1999, the course has accommodated more than 125,000 rounds of entertainment.The staff at Broken Arrow Golf & Athletic Club is second to none in their commitment to providing the best possible service every day.


Golf Course Tour



Hole 1

Par 4

Yardage: 385


The first hole eliminates tension of 1st tee knee-knockers with a wide fairway accepting a not-so-perfect shot. This hole is short from all sets of tees allowing a opportunity to start the round with a friendly par or birdie.


Hole 2

Par 3

Yardage: 557


A reachable Par 5, this hole provides an opportunity to capitalize and lower your score. Long hitters can cut the corner and have an iron into the green, while short hitters will hit a short iron 3rd shot for a possible birdie.


Hole 3

Par 5

Yardage: 501


This one demands an accurate tee shot with hazard on the left and OB on the right. With success, this hole is reachable, but the winding creek fronts the green and calls for all carry. A lay-up to your comfortable short iron is the safe play to ensure par.


Hole 4

Par 4

Yardage: 413


The number 1 handicap intimidates the tee shot. A narrow fairway enclosed by hazard on the left and OB on the right also positions a sand bunker in the left-center of the fairway. Large moguls decorate the right side of the fairway and a mid-iron into a waterfront green is enough to challenge even the pros. You’re blessed if you leave this hole with par.


Hole 5

Par 4

Yardage: 355


Protected by a huge bunker in front of the green, don’t let this short Par 4 fool you! Hazard and OB is enough to convince a smart player to play it safe off the tee and hit a full shot into an invisible large green with tricky pin placements.


Hole 6

Par 3

Yardage: 178


Designed similar to Augusta No. 12, this hole plays over water into a shallow green protected by a deep smile-shaped bunker. At 135 yards from the regular tees, don’t go long. There are two bunkers in the back playing back to the green sloping away. Par from here is a gift. Distance is the key hitting into a 50-yard wide green only 12 yards deep.


Hole 7

Par 4

Yardage: 371


This subtle dogleg left plays short into an elevated green with a bunker in front and an overhanging tree on the right. A lay-up to 100 yards is optimal to avoid the creek and allow for a high shot into this protected green. Hit one more club than usual to execute this shot.


Hole 8

Par 3

Yardage: 175


The second Par 3 is elevated just enough that you can’t see the pin placement. Trust the distance and put your best practice range swing on it. Don’t lose it right, hazard lurks.


Hole 9

Par 4

Yardage: 402


A beautiful Par 4 headed back to the clubhouse, the tee shot crosses a pond into a generous fairway. When in doubt stay left. Hit it right and you’re singin’ the blues with bogey. A mid-iron is enough to carry a bunker with plenty of green to work with.


Hole 10

Par 4

Yardage: 378


Ten starts the backside with no remorse. Hazard is on the left and right sides. A big tee ball can cut the corner and some distance off for risk-reward. A conservative tee shot will leave you with a modest mid-iron for highest percentage scoring potential.


Hole 11

Par 5

Yardage: 520


A 200-yard carry is required from the back tee to reach a narrow fairway. The creek in front makes it a lay-up hole for most, and the deep narrow green has water on the right promoting a safe play to middle or left side of the green. Long finds hazard behind the green. Play it safe and avoid the dreaded bogey.


Hole 12

Par 3

Yardage: 440


The number 2 Handicap, this hole demands a long tee shot and an award winning second shot into an undulated green enhanced by our winding creek on the front right. Daring players make birdies or bogies. The safe play is the left middle of the green for a delightful par. A birdie here is sure to win the hole.


Hole 13

Par 4

Yardage: 220


A long Par 3, this hole plays 200 yards from the regular tees into a big green sloping into the shot. Hit plenty of club—the rough in front is heavy—and aim left center to avoid OB on the right.


Hole 14

Par 4

Yardage: 349


Go for it! Big hitters can reach this dogleg left, but you have to hit the green. Surrounded by hazard, the safe play is straight out into the fairway and a short iron into a clearly visible pin placement. This is a great chance for a birdie!


Hole 15

Par 3

Yardage: 204


Another long Par 3, this hole has an elevated green with hazard on the left and OB on the right. A big green sloping in the shot offers plenty of landing area. Play toward the pin or have a long, long putt.


Hole 16

Par 4

Yardage: 452


A straight drive or else. This hole finds OB right and hazard left. A good tee shot is rewarded with a scoring opportunity with no threat into a sizeable slightly dogleg left green.


Hole 17

Par 4

Yardage: 357


Big hitter can get there! This dogleg right is tempting and can be destructive. Water down the right side catches more balls than anywhere on the course. The safe play is an iron off the tee and a short iron into a deep green with hazard on the left and behind the green.


Hole 18

Par 5

Yardage: 475


A great finishing hole — #18 has a creek across the fairway in the landing area. You’ll want to lay-up and avoid left and right hazards. The closer to the creek, the more narrow the fairway. The optimal play is 210 yards from the green giving you a great opportunity into a large sloping green with a bunker on the right. Finish with a birdie and visit the 19th hole with bragging rights!

Tees Total Yardage Course Rating/Slope

  • Blue (Championship) 6732 73/127

  • White (Mens) 6023 69.5/119

  • Gold (Seniors) 5281 66.3/109

  • Red (Ladies) 4581 63.5/98


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